Kim Kardashian spoke about a personal tragedy – 24???

The reality star Kim Kardashian spoke about the tragedy that occurred in her family. She shared with the Western media, like a lost child, says Womanhit. According to Kardashian, the incident occurred due to medical errors.

Kim spoke about her first pregnancy a few years later. Socialite has some health problems, so once again he tries not to share with the public the details of the pregnancies.

Kim Kardashian talked about the personal tragedy | peopletalk.ru

Kardashian announced that her first child was a daughter. The couple learned the sex of the baby, even chose the name North. Once the expectant mother felt abdominal pain, started bleeding. Kim immediately hospitalized and put on the operating table.

The doctors stated the death of a child. Doctors removed the fetus, but the girl’s heart was still beating — it was a medical error.