Kim Kardashian scolds Kanye West for extravagance

Rapper Kanye West has spent “almost all their money” on luxury furniture for them with Kim Kardashian family home in Calabasas, but the star of the reality show, which she likes poshikovat, is not happy. Insiders claim that Kim is evil to impossible, and both husband and designer sandy Gallin, who advised him to do so. Moreover, throwing tens of thousands of dollars on chairs, cabinets and sofas, Kanye appeared unhappy. Now all this is terribly expensive beauty decorates the interior of their garage.

According to insiders, we are talking about big money. So, only one couch the news in a cost of thirty thousand dollars, but this did not satisfy sverhusiliya taste of the rapper.
“Kanye came into the house and taken aback – it was not what he wanted to see. West demanded that the designer immediately all returned to sellers, but they refused to take the furniture back. So he brought all of it in the garage. He’s spent almost all his money!” — say insiders.
After that, Kanye found a replacement for the fired the designer in the face of Alex Verwoerd, but Kim immediately flew into a rage. She had long dreamed to finish to build this house, and such “error” designers are extremely upset. Designer Gallin, who was so publicly humiliated by Kanye dismissal, said that working with the rapper simply impossible.
“He starts to take advice from someone successful, fifteen minutes later, he stops to hear you and change you for someone else. It permanently arguing with someone, even with Adidas” — said the designer.

Source: http://www.aceshowbiz.com
Photo: http://www.aceshowbiz.com

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