Kim Kardashian made fun of haters, accused her of using photoshop

Non-standard figure, Kim Kardashian, and all her family in General, is a separate matter for discussion. Slim wasp waist and disproportionately large hips – clearly not a gift of nature, and the skillful work of plastic surgeons. Kim is doing everything to accentuate the curves of your: life star TV prefers corsets and spanx, the web, according to many Internet users, photoshop.

Kimberly accusations like that hurt (though they may be true), because she decided to answer them in a very succinct post. Kardashian published in Snapchat, the curves of her figure deformed to the grotesque, and the frame accompanied by the following caption: “Haters will say it’s photoshop”.

Followers celebrities appreciated her sense of humor, wishing Kim to ignore the criticism of detractors.

By the way, the abuse of photoshop is not the only one to blame Kardashian.

Not long ago she was put on the Internet a picture of his daughter North wearing black lipstick lips. Did not like the followers, because they did not mince words and called Kim a bad mother. Then I got and older sister Kim, Courtney. In the microblog she published a photo with his daughter, which the lip was attached metal clip.

The public condemned it, saying he shouldn’t have to put the child to sleep with a metal clip on the lips, a baby could accidentally get hurt or swallow it. But judging by the lack of reactions from the Kardashian sisters, they don’t care about the opinions of others, and they continue to behave with the children as they see fit.

Source: graziamagazine.ru, spletnik.ru
Photo: graziamagazine.ru, spletnik.ru

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