Kim Kardashian first told about the robbery in Paris

Nearly four months have passed since that moment in Paris was robbed an American TV star Kim Kardashian, but only now the celebrity had recovered enough to speak plainly about the incident. Not without tears.

“They (the robbers – approx. ed.) was going to shoot me in the back. I had no way out. When I think about what happened, that made me very upset” — open up Kim in one of the new episodes of the reality show “living with the Kardashian”. Kim flatly refused to talk about what happened, and others were forbidden even to hint at this subject. Initially she couldn’t sleep and almost never left the house. They say it is stress and insomnia wife caused a breakdown in her husband rapper Kanye West. Now due to the experienced Kim was aggravated by psoriasis. As recognized by the TV star to her fans, now she sees his marks on his face.
Psoriasis is an incurable autoimmune skin disease – was diagnosed with Kim six years ago, but now the situation has deteriorated and the reasons for health deterioration Kardashian we can only guess.

Source: https://youtu.be
Photo: https://youtu.be

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