Kim Kardashian first came out with son Saint, and three-year old daughter North was sent to a therapist

Life Kim Kardashian is in sight. Fan and used that every step of a celebrity accompanied by publications in social networks, therefore was very surprised that after the birth of her second child, she had not raised the son to Instagram on the same day. In General, for children, Kardashian is trying hard not to advertise, only occasionally dilutes his blog their photos or a funny video.

Son Kardashian the St now for seven months. But the socialite first appeared with the child. It happened in San Diego and was timed to the opening of the new boutique mother Kris Jenner – Mary Jo and the celebration of her birthday.

In addition to Kim and Saint through the city streets walked the Kardashian clan almost at full strength: sister Khloe, mother Kris Jenner boyfriend Corey Emblom, sister Courtney with former boyfriend Scott Discom, children Mason, Penelope and Rhine.

Fans of this American family was very happy to see their idols in such close proximity.

Note that since, as Kim and Kanye West had their first child, Kardashian reveals himself as a real caring mommy. With the birth of the second child the situation has not changed, except that the North became capricious and jealous. Kimberly herself said in a new interview with Elle-girl jealous of younger brother not only parents but also other family members.

On the birth of a brother North responded peculiar children follows, starting to roll scandals and tantrums. Parents frightened for his heir and decided to turn to professionals to solve the problem. North passed a special course of psychotherapy.

Kim said that even communication with the therapist’s daughter didn’t help — and occasionally it continues to act up because of the Saint. “I just give up, and Kanye is nervous too — when the North is crying, he rushes to comfort her and gets distracted from working in the Studio, and then angry that nothing succeeds”.


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