Kim Kardashian earned 700 thousand dollars in a few selfies

Otherwise “genius” Kim Kardashian difficult to call. A woman with no talent, earns money, which we can only dream about. Another example of the fact that the wife of Kanye West is capable of making money out of thin air became more. Just because she took a few selfies, Kardashian got 700 thousand dollars.

The star of the reality show and the Internet arrived at the event surrounded by 25 bodyguards on his private jet. Within the hour, Kim was photographed with other visitors of the party, and also posted information about the event in Snapchat and other social media. The following services cost the organizers more than a tidy sum.

Earlier, the visiting stars of different events aplasias more modest. So, the ex-girlfriend Kimberley – Paris, for his appearance at any party asked for a total of 300 thousand dollars. Stars smaller caliber was estimated less.


Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: instagram.com

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