Kim Kardashian agree to go under the surgeon’s knife to give birth to third child

The desire to give birth to her third child Kim Kardashian is so great that the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” not afraid even to go for surgery. Recall that the second pregnancy Kim was difficult, and the doctors warned her that the next is virtually impossible, because there is a big risk for both the child and mother. But Kim is not satisfied.
36-year-old TV star has officially stated that it decided on surgery to give North and St. brother or sister.

“I decided to operate on the uterus, to give birth to another child. It’s so cool, isn’t it?” — Kim said.
Relatives Kardashian is not very happy about this news, knowing that Kim and her future baby there is a risk, but the woman is ready for it.
“In any case, my pregnancy can be dangerous for me, but it will give me at least a little, but the chance again to become a mother. I know that there will be a tough fight, and I’m ready for it. This surgery is the last thing I can do,” said Kim.
Earlier, Kardashian said that it was considering as the option of surrogacy, but for some reason decided to risk health for the sake of a new family member.

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