Kim Kardashian accused of disrupting Kanye West

This couple has successfully registered on the front pages of the tabloids. A few hours ago the famous rapper was hospitalized and is now undergoing psychiatric examination. Because of the crisis caused by yet unknown what Kanye had a nervous breakdown. The man started cancel one concert after another, and those on which appeared, was attended not more than half an hour. Yesterday, he canceled his tour Life of Saint Pablo, according to insiders, because of prolonged insomnia and exhaustion. But journalists continue to dissect the case. Everyone can’t wait to find out what was the last straw before the collapse. Guess the launcher could be the solution to Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian about divorce.

Last week, insiders close to Kim and Kanye, said that Kardashian is constantly “nagging” Vesta for his absence. After the September robbery of a movie star, husband days never home and devoted more time to work than family. Kim was in a severe mental condition and needed him more than ever.
“Kim resents her husband and does not feel his support. He’s even willing to go to extreme measures to get a divorce” he told insiders. Now they are suggesting that this decision could be for Kanye last straw before the collapse.
At the same time, another insider justifies the absence of the rapper house of his obsession with work:
“He’s a terrible workaholic, have not found the balance between work and leisure. He’s just exhausted. Now he is developing his own clothing line and a collection for Adidas and tries to combine all this with the concerts. The last time he worked on wear, it is extremely necessary vacation. I’m sure Kim and her family, who are very worried, insisted on cancellation of the tour. Now she is with him and supports him,” said the insider.
And here’s British TV host piers Morgan in the morning program “Good Morning Britain” was accused of disrupting Kanye his wife.
“Kanye is incredibly smart, bright and talented guy, a brilliant musician who was in this whirlwind show Kardashian. Now he’s in the hospital in a terrible state. Sympathy for him in the social network melt is the result of his environment,” said pierce.

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