Kids Kanye West not know that the father is in the hospital

Children popular repara Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and North St. are not aware that their daddy is now in a specialized clinic, where he corrects his mental health. Just tell them that their father is gone, but soon to return.

We will remind that 39-year-old Kanye was in UCLA Medical Center with nervous breakdown last week. This was preceded by the abolition of a number of concerts.
“The North and the Saint don’t know that Kanye in the hospital, they just think daddy left for work. Daughter really misses him and even drew a picture. She portrayed each family member, and next to Kanye to finish a big heart. North said that daddy will be back next week, and she was waiting for this,” said the insider.
Meanwhile it is still unknown when the doctors will release Vesta home. As it turned out, the failure is not just a result of exhaustion and dehydration, but we are talking about mental illness, which is now trying to establish professionals.

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk, http://hollywoodlife.com
Photo: http://hollywoodlife.com

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