Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are fighting over who will pay for the divorce

Epic divorce process reality star Khloe Kardashian and her notorious spouse Lamar Odom, it seems, is close to completion. As reported by the Western media, the divorce papers filed by the star, from day to day will be treated in court. But here, the famous couple found something to fight.

36-year-old athlete wrote a response the divorce claim, which requires all court costs, including lawyers ‘ work. Lamar believes that since Chloe has initiated the divorce process, filing for divorce in December 2013, she forked out for this dubious pleasure.
It is noteworthy that before the wedding, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement stating that each spouse is responsible for divorce and means that the payment will be split in half.
Recall that Chloe married the NBA star in September 2009 after just months of a romantic relationship. in 2013, she filed for divorce, but signed the papers only in 2015, after Odom’s barely pumped after an overdose of drugs and Viagra that occurred in one of the Nevada brothels. Fans of the couple hoped that the critical situation brought them together and the divorce will not happen, but who suffers from alcoholism Lamar is at it again, and Chloe is no longer willing to spend their best years, struggling alone with the demons of her husband.

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