Kevin spacey was accused of homosexuality

Fans of the famous American actor, winner of two awards “Oscar” Kevin spacey was not expecting this turn of events. Well, how else, if their pet admitted his sexual orientation.

The reason for such a high-profile recognition of the steel sounded on the eve of allegations of sexual harassment in his address from actor Anthony RAPP.

So, RAPP said that in 1986, spacey invited him to a party at his home, and when they were alone, she tried to seduce him. “I really like Anthony RAPP as an actor and I respect him very much. At the same time I’m terrified of hearing stories. Honestly, I don’t remember this meeting, because it’s been more than 30 years. But if I truly behaved the way he describes, you should bring a sincere apology for his behavior while intoxicated. I am very sorry that he had to carry all those feelings through the years. This story made me to discover some details of his life. (…) My best friends know that I have had relationships with both men and women. Throughout my life I have loved men and engage them in a romantic relationship, and now I have decided to live as a gay man,” wrote RAPP in Twitter.