Kevin spacey lost “Emmy” because of the accusations of harassment – 24???

Hollywood actor Kevin spacey has been deprived of the “Emmy” after he was accused of pedophilia. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the message of the International Academy of television arts and Sciences.

Kevin spacey was supposed to receive the award “Emmy” in November, however, in connection with allegations the actor of pedophilia it was deprived of its appropriate rewards. Moreover, the creators of the series “house of cards”, where spacey plays the main role, decided to complete the project after allegations of an actor of pedophilia.

Kevin spacey | debonton.ru

30 Oct actor Anthony RAPP, whom spacey in 1985, played in one of the musicals on the Broadway stage, has accused the actor of sexual harassment. Spacey apologized to the RAPP, stating that he learns about the attempted seduction of the actor.

Later my brother spacey – Randall Fowler reported that his father in his childhood regularly beat Kevin and his sister, Julia, who at age 18 ran away from home.