Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules, has suffered from harassment by a famous fashion designer

Scandal Harvey Weinstein has helped many girls to open up and talk about what they were silent most of his life. The famous actress began to confess and tell stories about harassment and harassment. Surprising, because not only girls suffer from sexual harassment. Actor Kevin Sorbo, who played in the popular TV series 1990-ies “the Amazing journey of Hercules” muscled main character, admitted that during his modeling days in Italy, suffered from the harassment of the famous couturier Gianni Versace.

“I liked him because of growth, he wanted me with my 190 cm participated in shows with girls-model is 180 cm tall,” I decided to break down stereotypes of Sorba in the transmission of The Adam Carolla Show.

It was in the late 80-ies, when Sorba young worked as a model and collaborated with the fashion designer of Versace. He was invited to parties on a level with such celebrities as Sophia Loren, Luciano Pavarotti, Richard Gere and others. In the end, at the end of the party Kevin all the time alone with the designer who tried to persuade him to appear in advertising, though not the normal way. The fashion designer did not stop even the fact that Kevin was straight.

“Suddenly I noticed his hand creeping up my leg. I asked him know if he’s even that I’m straight. To this he answered me: “Why I like you. You’re not effeminate, and brutal. You know, in life you have to try everything,” recalls unpleasant moments “the Mighty Hercules”.

Such a proposal, the actor replied negatively and refused to cooperate with a fashion designer. Despite the failure of the model, the designer then tried to build a trust bridge between them. At that time, in 1984 Versace have already been chosen. He was in a relationship with stylist Antonio D’amico. Apparently, a serious relationship with another man didn’t stop him from looking at others. But, according to Sam Sorbo, the relationship does not work out, as in personal relationships and in work.

“The bridge was never built. Well, in advertising, I never took off,” says the actor. To comment on or deny this story is not who, as the designer Gianni Versace died 15 July 1997. Maybe this fact has emboldened Kevin to tell this story. Sister of fashion designer Donatella Versace has not commented on these statements.

Photo: www.kevinsorbo.ru, kg-portal.ru, italy4.me

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