Keti Topuria posing with bare Breasts, barely covered by hair (photos)

The singer posted the revealing photos on Instagram. Girl posing without underwear, and Breasts barely covered by her long hair.

Keti Topuria excited fans with a new picture, which shows his bare chest, hidden behind hair. The corresponding frame on the eve appeared in Instagram singer.

Done in black and white the picture Keti Topuria stands in front of the lens away from the camera. Moreover, outer clothing, down to bra, the singer has not appeared, so technically it shows bare chest. That’s just the “charm” celebrity hid behind long hair, flowing through the body and hiding the dignity of the artist from the eyes of the fans. No signature, except for a few “emoticons”, Topuria under the post left. Hair extensions in the picture, because the singer has less long hair.

Moreover, many fans did not like the fact that idol decided to use “other people’s hair” because her curls they find more attractive. In General, the public image was left in awe, and he managed to score more than 38 thousand likes.