Keti Topuria confirmed the rumors about the breakup with her husband

Keti Topuria and her husband Leo, gaykhman dispersed. About breaking up with husband singer told his followers in the caption to a photo of his wife and daughter Olivia in his microblog.

Singer Keti Topuria confirmed long ago that went up the rumors that she broke up with her husband, businessman Lev Gamanam. Instagram artist has been the ex-wife of the star taken during a walk with daughter Olivia. In the caption to the picture Kathy thanked Gahman for my daughter and wrote that they no longer live together.

– Levchik, thank you for the happiness called Olivia – asked the actress to her ex-husband. – I love you very much, even though we’re not together for a long time, I still love you, we’re family. We are friends, and it is forever.That singer and businessman no longer live together, in March this year, told reporters the mother of the actress Natalia Topuria.

According to her, Katy all three years of marriage with the banker was offering marriage. Leo gaykhman almost all the time in Los Angeles, where he business. Katie and daughter live in Moscow. And to meet some of them need to cross the ocean.

– Of course, Leo arrives. For example, in December, all the Christmas holidays spent with Kathy and her daughter and left, – Natalia Topuria. – He usually spends in America two or three months, and then goes to Russia. This situation is not too liked the mother of the soloist of group “A-Studio” Olivia sees his father from time to time – what kind of upbringing in such a situation can be discussed?

With Lev Gamanam Katie met four years before their wedding. The couple married in 2013 – at the celebration in honor of their wedding walked all secular Moscow. June 15, 2015 Katie gave birth to daughter Olivia.

At the beginning of this year, appeared in the media photos taken at one of the resorts in Thailand: they allegedly captured Topuria and her colleague, showbiz rapper Guf, vacationers together a secret from everyone. It was argued that Roman couples began in the spring of 2016, after the band CENTR, which is the Guf (Alexey Dolmatov), and group A-Studio, where a soloist is Katie, released a joint hit “Away”. Katie then disown the novel, saying that the body of her colleague, and they’re just friends. And the photo is not her. Gough also gave a comment in which he called Kathy just a good friend.

– We have a good rapport with Kathy, friends. But we are not so close to travel together to relax. And how we spent vacation on one island, I learned only after returning to Moscow, he said.