Keti Topuria and Guf confused his fans

Recently rapper Guf decided to talk with the fans and made them live in Instagram. But one communication that night was not the Guf to test a new technology — a joint broadcast. Who do you think was the “co-host” musician? And she became Keti Topuria, which has long been credited with an affair with a musician.

Judging by the easy communication of celebrities, fans came to the conclusion that between them there is no taboo. Alex and Katie for the first time openly talking about their relationship. Topuria asked Gufa, is it true that he is in love with her, to which the musician replied,

“Yes.” Then Katie have asked him if Guf rested with her in Thailand this winter. The answer was again affirmative. After that, the singer invited the rapper to go now to her room. Suddenly, the stream ended, but Gough added pointedly that this is only the beginning.

Most likely, Katie and Guf was just messing with fans. However, fans want to believe that between them something more than work and friendship.