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The actor said Znamenitka as it solves memory problems

Actor Dmitry Dyuzhev recently faced a serious problem: he needed to memorize a huge amount of texts. In particular, memorize the whole of “Eugene Onegin” — as he plays a solo performance, where the sounds of this piece almost entirely. Dmitry, of course, initially experienced difficulties, but then found a way to improve their memory. Now he can memorize even mobile phone numbers!

“Just every day to learn four lines — quatrain one: in the morning to read the day to repeat and in the evening by heart, and you will be surprised that after a month your memory will increase. You’ll memorize numbers, names, well, definitely our favourite poetry,” admitted Znamenitka artist.

As told the actor that he has to teach “Eugene Onegin”, his family knows, but he tries until it does not torment complicated poetry.

“Home, their loved ones, I regret, therefore, “Eugene Onegin” they don’t read,” confessed the actor to the journalists. Dmitry told me that earlier text, which he taught, sounded for… eight hours! Fortunately, now it is reduced to two. And the first rehearsal of “Eugene Onegin” were held in the auditorium of the school, where he studied his eldest son. Now Ivan has 9 years old.

“We gathered the students as they studied it the work of Alexander Pushkin, and I got free ears,” explained Dyuzhev. So now his kids will not have problems to find any quote even without the book.