Keira Knightley demanded to leave her Breasts alone

In a recent interview with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” keira Knightley, demanded that she never finish the chest. Possessing, as she herself admitted, “zero size Breasts and a very sharp tongue, Kira said:

“Yes, I insist that my Boobs are left alone. And it took the fashion to paint me some curvy shape. It is foolish to hide the fact that I have no Breasts, and what you create using the computer, it looks horrible.
I remember one time I saw myself on posters – my face, and everything else – no. If you want to give me a fantastic bust, then let it be pendulous ears of a Spaniel”. Let my fantasy Breasts, at least looks cheeky!” said Knightley.

Source: http://7days.ru
Photo: http://xn--i1aibcgffcg4h.xn

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