Keira Knightley admitted that for five years wears wigs

Keira Knightley admitted that for five years wears wigs

The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” thoroughly damaged hair due to frequent repainting.

In an interview with “InStyle” keira Knightley admitted that the last five years compelled to use wigs. Due to frequent changes of hair color for roles she began to lose her hair.

For different roles I dyed my hair in almost all existing colors. As a result, the hair began to literally pour from my head. Therefore, during the last five years, I wore wigs, and this is the best thing that ever happened to my hair, shared the problem actress.

According to keira Knightley, except repaint, adversely affected her hair and regular blow-drying and styling with the use of various chemicals. Now, however, as says the girl, her hair Bouncing. Also, the actress believes that childbirth has a positive impact on her hair. Actress in may 2015 gave birth to her daughter Edie Rayton, after which her hair began to get thick. So she hopes that will soon completely abandon the wigs.

Keira Knightley is a British and American actress. Two-time nominee for the award “Oscar”. Best known for his roles in the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean” action movie “Domino”, the drama “Pride and prejudice”, “Anna Karenina” and “the imitation Game”.


Source and photo: novy.tv