Kazakh model openly talked about the relationship with Andrey Arshavin

Olga Semenova, a beautiful model from Kazakhstan, he was afraid for his life and safety. Olga previously stated about the threats of the wife of a famous football player Andrei Arshavin, Alice. Also, the model told about how spent the evening with the athlete.

In the Network, recall that there was a video in which Andrei Arshavin hugging Semenova in the restaurant at a merry party. Olga said that after this, Alice Arshavin promised her cruel revenge.

Semenova she decided to tell me what was the fun party. The model says that with Arshavin she met only once. It was in October 2017. She was invited to make a company of their mutual friend. Arshavin, according to Olga, he asked her to sit closer, but what is happening is not forbidden to remove the camera. According to the model, her friend told her that the player would like to make her acquaintance. Arshavin then he began to hug her.

The tipsy company of four players and four girls from the restaurant went to a nightclub. Olga Semenova all offered to take them in your car, because alcohol doesn’t drink. Then she went home.

Also, the beauty confessed that has no idea how the video got to the Internet. And chat with reporters, she agreed only because of fears for his life after received threats from Alice Arshavina. Footballer’s wife promised to cut off fingers and give her drugs.