Katya Kuznetsova shares her thoughts and gives advice

Modern life is very complex, and therefore, probably, such is not stable. The person yesterday here, tomorrow there. Yesterday was adequate, but today was crazy. Each throws in a wild laughter and fun, sadness and tears. Some people want to start a family, but nichrome can not and ruining. And others know and can do, but I don’t want to. In the end, the mess in my head, the obscurity in the relations, and only somewhere on the horizon you can see a really happy single people and happy. I guess it’s okay, someone has become a hostage of someone else’s bad history, someone has created a close a nightmare and even he is not able to Wake up. Not just to live, but have struggled to see the good and try to live a simpler life. A lot of people gave advice and helped many of them, but with all this knowledge, I myself use the head correctly, have not yet learned. So I must write for those who love to read minds, for those who are really close to me, for those who could appreciate and understand. We all live the way we want. And we always pay for it too ourselves.