Katya Kolisnichenko is just one step away from building a relationship with a new man

For a fairly short period of time the girl managed to seriously change yourself in a way that many may not immediately know her. Furthermore, Kate said that the negative attitude of Nikita to plastics has become one of the reasons prompted her to break up with her man. However, judging by recent photos, in personal life, Catherine began to change for the better, for example, new year’s eve she spent in the company of a new Beau, the website life-dom2.su.

This time her choice fell on a serious attorney that the subscribers it introduced, just as Vanya. It should be noted that the choice Kolisnichenko who looks quite happy, not quite all. Fans are convinced that the boyfriend of a girl a little like a person who has at least some relation to the law, and have suggested that the guy drives a trusting Kate’s nose.

“No one else to discuss except for those long gone?”, “How old is she, and she’s still single” – he wrote to fans of youth telestroke.