Katya Gordon gave birth to a son

Well-known Russian journalist and human rights activist Kate Gordon accepts congratulations with the birth of a son. 36-year-old radio host has become a mother for the second time. Cost her on the day the abyss of mind, as all have guessed the reason for the absence. The news of the birth of the baby did not force itself to wait.

Media Gordon is not yet talking, but people from the inner circle of Gordon already confirmed this information.
“Kate actually gave birth. I don’t know all the details, we only know that she was in the hospital with his son and doesn’t want to be disturbed” — said the insider.
Water Katie’s water broke while walking around Moscow. Gordon calmly sat behind the wheel of his car and went to the nearest hospital, in order not to lose time.
Recall that the eldest son of Daniel Kate gave birth in marriage to lawyer Sergey Garinim in 2012. About the father of the second child, Gordon does not apply, but admits that they are ready to marry him.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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