Katy Perry talked about their sex life

32-year-old singer of the hit “I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry openly talked about their sexual experiments. It happened during a speech at the Gala of the human rights Campaign on March 18 in Los Angeles.

“In truth, I did more than that” — began the speech Cathy, referring to his hit. Perry said that she does not understand how she, a girl, singing in a Church choir, decided to satisfy their curiosity in a summer camp with his girlfriend.
“What we did was just curiosity, but even then I knew that sexuality cannot be divided into black and white as that dress.
When in 2008 came my song “I Kissed a Girl”, I realized that the world is full of such curious, ready to sing me” said Perry.

Recall that last month Katie broke up with Orlando bloom. Insiders claimed that the singer is tired of lies and cunning Hollywood actor. She said that they are with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” broke friends can continue to count on the support of each other.

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