Katy Perry offended by Britney Spears

American singer Katy Perry was just joking around to the side of his colleagues Britney Spears, for which he is now collecting the stones in his garden. During the ceremony, “Grammy” beloved Orlando bloom, commenting on the new color of his hair, he remembered how Britney, being in a nervous breakdown, shaved my head bald.

“I went through all the colors, but this is the last color of the spectrum in which I could paint. The only thing I can do to surprise the audience – to shave bald, but I’ll save it for public nervous breakdown,” said Perry.
Answering the question about why she took a break in career, Katie again walked through the Spears.
“It’s called take care of your mental health.. It’s beautiful and I still do not go bald” — said the artist.
Fans of Britney did not miss a deaf ear and began to accuse Katie of anger. Many believe that the joke on the theme of mental health other – indecent and advised Perry to apologize for the feather counterpart. Moreover, the Spears never talking about bad is not withdrawn. Became Britney to do it this time, leaving on his page in Instagram a quote from the Bible “Her mouth speaks of what fills her heart”.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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