Katy Perry herself took birth from the older sister

Girlfriend Orlando bloom singer Katy Perry can add another item to your resume, and it concerns not the creative talent girl, and associated with medicine.

Recently Perry unexpectedly became a midwife and took the family with his older sister Angela. “Within two hours of the day helping my sister give birth. But at 8 PM in the Studio. The girl who manages to do two things at once”, — proudly told Katie on Twitter. However, the rest of the details the addition to the family hid. By the way, this is not the first time Perry takes on this responsibility. 2014 saw Katie’s debut in obstetric case – then was born the first child Angela.

“Finally, can add the string “help to deliver a baby at home” in your resume. It was a real miracle! Aunt Cathy,” said the artist to his fans through the social network.

We will remind, recently Katy Perry and Orlando bloom brought their relationship to a new level.

Western media reported that Katie had moved home to his beloved Malibu.

However, after just a couple of days, Katie regretted it. And all because of the frequent conflicts. The reason for the quarrel was the prohibition bloom to transport him to the house of cats Katie. The singer had to leave their Pets, but she’s already hired them a nanny, who will look after the cats in the absence of the mistress. The actress is going to solve the problem with animals, but have been unable to find a way out of the situation.

Source: aceshowbiz.com, segodnya.ua
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