Katy Perry and Orlando bloom broke up

After ten months of a romantic relationship American singer Katy Perry and Hollywood actor Orlando bloom decided to leave. If you believe the insiders, the initiator of parting became Katie, and they parted not the best of friends.

In a recent interview, the singer told that she dreams about family and children, hinting that she in life it will happen soon, but Orlando thought it was a pressure on him, and after a brief showdown, everyone decided to go his own way.
A few weeks ago, just after the release of the ill-fated interview, Orlando told friends that he was going to leave his girlfriend.
“Before Halloween Orlando told had admitted to friends that his relationship with Katie starts to chafe, and what he was going to finish them. He’s just not ready to get married and have children,” said the insider.
The star of “Lord of the rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been married to model Miranda Kerr, married to where he was born the son of Flynn.
But surrounded by Perry believe that she dumped him.
“She said to him that they have different priorities, and despite the fact that she likes it, it’s time to move on,” said a source close to Katie.
Recall that Perry and bloom started Dating after the Ball costume Institute at the beginning of this year. Their affair was very rapid, and, in truth, many people expected further development of their relationship, engagement and wedding.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
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