Katie’s career of Zsuzsa in the “House 2” is under threat. Video

According to Lera, the main threat to the male relationships she sees in Kate Susan, which, according to frost, showing sympathy for Salenko. So, despite the fact that between the girls was friendship, she still while staying in the Seychelles has taken a liking to the male, inviting him even to the club. And during the difficulties in life guy, asked him to leave the Perimeter and wait out the crisis at her apartment, the website life-dom2.su.

However, the male could not confirm the words of Valeria and tried to stop her. However Lera has been so compelling that the denials Salenko it is unlikely that it could fix, especially in light of the fact that previously, Susan has already had Affairs with members of the “House 2” and could be interested in a strange man at this time. In addition, according to many, after this information Kate Susan may lose her job.

“Come on. Found the topic. First Buzova, now Susan. Pregnancy out of nowhere. But who needs this sweet Zaharchik ? Frost does not know what topic to stir up” – he wrote to fans of “House 2”.