Kathleen Jenner is looking for a surrogate mother for your child

The stepfather of Kim Kardashian, who in his old age, replaced the floor, going to be the mother. As reported by the Western media Bruce-Jenner Caitlin plans to acquire offspring by the end of next year.

According to the insiders, in spite of the physical impossibility to do it, Caitlin said about the readiness to have a baby.
“Caitlin goes to their goal of motherhood. She tries not to hurry, but wants to become a mother by the end of next year. The process is already running” — said the insider journalists of the news to RadarOnline.
We are talking about a surrogate mother. To feel pregnancy, Caitlin wants to settle fertilized a woman in his house.
Bruce, Caitlin already has five adult children, and the hype with childbirth, most likely, another attempt to attract attention. Recall that reality show Caitlin “I’m Kate” was closed due to low ratings, as the producers of the program itself and Jenner couldn’t think of anything more to attract attention.
Last year Kathleen had been at the peak of fame and even became a “Woman of the year” by Glamour. Despite the flood of criticism and disturbances, the reward remained in celebrity. Now, perhaps, Jenner wants to become the “Mother of the year”.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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