Kathleen Jenner became a grandmother

Amid strained relations with the kids Kris Jenner, the newly-born woman Kathleen Jenner is happy that she managed to restore relationships with children from previous marriages. And yesterday, her oldest son Burt Jenner first became a father of his lover Valerie Pital gave birth to a son. According to tradition, Barth is also called the child the letter “B”. The baby received the name Bodie.

Reporters happy father said that first I wanted to name the baby Bart Junior, but resisted the boy’s mother. She wanted to name his son Barton, and my parents saw the consensus in the name Bodie. Despite the fact that the child was born last Thursday, Caitlin still haven’t found a minute to visit granddaughter. By the way, taking the name “Caitlin” Bruce Jenner has changed a long-standing family tradition.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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