Katherine Spitz made a repair in the company of a young man

Who helped the actress to equip a nursery?

Actress Catherine Spitz recently says nothing about his personal life. Fans know virtually nothing about what happens during off the life of their idol. However Znamenitka was able to learn in an exclusive interview this summer in the apartment of the actress have been major changes: Catherine started a repair in the children, who loved her son Herman

“We finished the repairs in the nursery. It was the architect, but of course we Herman took an active part in it. Herman claimed the sketches, he is a very conscious young man. Also the color scheme he chose. We stayed on a combination of: white-blue-grey. But the highlight of the children’s room was the folding bed,” — confessed the actress.

By the way, a few years ago, Spitz was told that the son demonstrates the wonders of ingenuity. “I like that he is very conscious for her age. With him in an adult can all agree. I’m not pressing him, but only to explain. His sensitivity to reason really pleases me and delights” — confessed artist.

Recall that the child actress Herman for five years. His father, a stuntman Konstantin Adayev, the actress divorced, but allows her ex-husband to see the child. Did ex-spouse in repairing a child’s room is unknown.