Katherine Heigl showed newborn son and told me about motherhood

Star of TV series “grey’s Anatomy” Katherine Heigl boasted a newborn son, Joshua Bishop, who was born 20 December last year. For the actress and her husband Josh Kelly this kid was the first biological child before the couple adopted two girls, Nancy (“Neli”), and Adelaide.

“The pregnancy was a big surprise for me! I dreamed of a big family and knew that Josh and more children, but thought long and hard about how we will implement these plans. Frankly, my first reaction was: “Oh, shit. Now I need to take a break and set other priorities”” — said Caitlin.

The actress learned she was pregnant during the filming of the CBS TV series “Doubt” (“Doubt”). After a long lull in the professional sphere it was the first serious project.
Before pregnancy Caitlin did not consider that the need to be pregnant to become a mother, she copes with motherhood and adoptive daughters, but at age 35 began to think about what we need and dare to try what it is, because of the ability to carry and give birth to a child alone can not be.
Heigl always knew that taking the child. Her older sister Megan, with whom she has a very close relationship, parents also adopted in Korea just three years before the birth of Caitlin.
While the actress enjoys every moment spent with children, and after a month of her maternity leave will be over and she will return to work on the series. Caitlin has no doubt that more will want to have a baby, and already thinking about how to exchange career on his large family and raising children.

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