Kateryna Osadcha has become a victim of robbers

Kateryna Osadcha has become a victim of robbers

The permanent host of the program “high life” Kateryna Osadcha, was the victim of thieves.

So when the leader flew in for a Week of high fashion in Paris, she stole a designer dress-tunic from Andre tan directly from hand Luggage.

Along with the outfit disappeared shoes and a complete set of cosmetics of a movie star. Survived only a hat because it was in a separate box.

“This is not the first such experience in my life. 7 years ago on the way to the Viennese ball has lost my Luggage with ball dress and although the airline returned it a few days, but for shooting the ball I had to quickly find a replacement dress in the Austrian rental. Since I don’t hand in your Luggage outfits for filming, when flying day to day. But this time, lost a suitcase out of the baggage! I did not expect”, – said Osadchaya.

Therefore, the star had a few hours to find a replacement of the ill-fated along. According to Catherine, she was rescued shop affordable brand, which is not represented in Ukraine. Dress there were Osadchaya just 20 euros.

“It is important how to make clothes. Experience in modeling has helped me to present the outfit for 20 euros as a designer,” said Osadchaya.


Source and photo: tsn.ua