Kate Winslet talked about the difficulties on the way to his dream of becoming an actress

James Cameron has revealed Kate Winslet to the world. Due to the fact that the Director made the Briton in the movie “Titanic” today, we have a movie star that millions look up to. But such a resounding success, which have Kate, could not be if her spirit was broken because of people who surrounded her.

The other day, Winslet spoke about how difficult was her path to her dream of being an actress. According to Kate, the main stumbling block was her figure.

“I was bullied at school, called “the bubble”, was teased for what I want to be an actress, locked in closets, laughed at me. I was never the prettiest girl in school, I always had big legs, I even said I might be lucky to be an actress, if I’m content with the roles of fat,” told 41-year-old Winslet.

At some point, recognized Kate, she did and wanted to drop everything and do things other than acting. Each casting, for which she was told “no” was a hammer on her self-esteem. Fortunately, on the way Winslet had met people who did not pay attention to the figure of the actress because they were important to her acting talent. He and Kate certainly is. Prove it 6 nominations for “Oscar” statuette for his starring role in the drama “the Reader”, 3 Golden globes and many other prestigious awards.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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