Kate Susan revealed secrets of his personal life

Quite a long time, Susan refused to speak about the reasons of rupture of relations with her fiancĂ©, and only recently dared to “lift the veil” in this story. As it turned out, Katya is quite often faced with the depression of her husband, which occurred from him from longing for the dead loved ones. However, despite the heavy state of mind, winnick acted like a real man in relation to Katya, being affectionate and attentive, and her daughter and did literally became his own father, writes the website life-dom2.su.

It is worth noting that Kate Susan, faced with an unpleasant breakup, were able to make conclusions from this, becoming more adult. As recognized by the girl herself, by parting with Oleg, she was able to put an end to the friendship, after he learned about the betrayal of a loved one. Although the name of a friend Katya is not called, there is little doubt that we are talking about Ksenia Borodina. Fans are convinced that Ksenia, who knew like no other about the riotous past of Zsuzsa could share the juicy details with Vinnik.

“And after reading I felt sorry for Susan”, “Just these individuals, Susan, can’t stay long with the same man, it is particularly physiology. God took a good man. May he be happy!” – the opinions of the audience was divided in this situation.