Kate Susan confessed that he envied his older sister

Followers from the media personality Kate Susan never hid the fact that always it fights excess weight.

In his “Instagram” recently the host of “House 2” has published a new post, in which he complained that, despite all their efforts, she still fails to become as thin as her 38-year-old sister.

With the followers 29-year-old Kate Susan always the most outspoken. Presenter admits that she always has to pay for what she loves to eat out. And to keep yourself in the shape Kate help detox diet, and regular exercise at the gym. But Kate still end up not happy with my body.

In “Instagram” Susan has recently published a few pictures of his older sister Olga, in which she poses in a bikini. Under the photo, Kate wrote that he envied the slim figure of his sister.

Kate asked why her sister, who is older than her 9 years, skinnier than her? She turned to sister @olga_dd_555 and said that she feels like she’s getting old, but Olga is younger. And she realized that she had to swing her ass.