Kate Susan and Leroy frost on the verge of conflict. Video

However, despite the fact that this situation was inconvenient for Lera, the girl did not think to ask Kate to change her mind, explaining that one day Catherine is already framed a couple of them, so do not see sense once again to fall for her trick. Valery also said that it plans a plan, but will exercise it only in the future, the website life-dom2.su.

After this outburst the trust to his address and Susan herself did not remain in debt. Leading is advised in the absence of Salenko don’t sad and again go to a night club, where at one time the girl perfectly, and not without incident, rested in the company of Mary Kohno.

“Let the changes in the participants Zsuzsa and fighting for the male on an equal footing and not using the status as a leading ,solder young boys and seduce, Buzova these sins and Susan” – the audience wrote “House 2”.