Kate moss started drinking again after two months of abstinence

Alcohol and drugs – this is something throughout his professional career can give Kate moss. The representative period in the fashion industry, which has received the name “heroin chic”, at different times, with varying success, struggled with his addictions, but always came back to what used to.

A few months ago, Kate again took an oath to exclude from their daily diet of alcohol, drugs, nicotine. But, taken by paparazzi photos, dated a few days earlier, saying that moss is not holding the words.

According to foreign media, the model once again addicted to alcohol, she abused them all summer.

Kate filmed paparazii during her lunch and meetings with friends — moss drank the wine, cocktails and smoked a lot.

According to approximate to the model of informants, again take up the old model put her young boyfriend, the body which is also not clean from various kinds of “poison”.

The couple meets for about a year. It was rumored that the beloved even preparing for the wedding. Proof that offer from the great-grandson of the famous Otto von Bismarck, Nicholas Kate has got emblazoned on her ring finger. Even at gatherings with friends supermodel wears an emerald ring.

Recall that, despite the engagement, Kate still officially married to musician Jamie Hansona. The couple are still at the stage of divorce, the reason for this lengthy divorce process was the joint property which the stars can not share.

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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