Kate moss is ready to “buy” her husband for a divorce

The famous supermodel Kate moss has never had exemplary behavior, while not paying attention to what they say about it else.

Kate does not bother you that while still married, she began a relationship with a young guy by the name of Nicolas von Bismarck. Even more moss gathered for a boyfriend to get married, and for this it is necessary to speed up the divorce process with her still current legal wife of Jamie Hinz.

Foreign informants tell us that Kate is afraid to miss your chance in the form of a great-grandson of the famous Otto von Bismarck, and therefore are even willing to pay Hinsu to speed up the divorce process.

Will Jamie and myself will take from the model of “compensation” is that hard to say.

Note that at the end of last year, neither Kate nor Jamie about divorce and would not hear. The pair tried at any cost to maintain the relationship and to the last fought for the Union.

But apparently both are tired of this hopeless situation and in the end in the near future, all should be completed.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: 7ja.net

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