Kate Middleton cunning way: the stylist revealed the secret of the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton), it turns out, for years, leads the British by the nose. Her “secret” issued by the stylist. It turns out that “thrift” Kate and the appearance in the same outfit – it’s a trick.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is known throughout the world for its frugality. She appears in public in the same outfit several times shoes the same pair of shoes or using long time favorite handbag as a fashion accessory, reports JoInfo.ua.

Subjects lead by the nose

The subjects of the British crown love Middleton, because her frugality saves them taxes. It is no secret that the British monarchs are living on taxpayers ‘ money.

British media even called the Duchess of Cambridge “frugal Kate”, informs our reporter Amalia Chervinchuk.

For example, recently Kate Middleton on one of the social events, wearing a white suit by Alexander McQueen. It is known that in the same outfit the beauty has appeared on the christening of her youngest daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Kate also loves to wear beige suede shoes from Rupert Sanderson. As found by inquisitive journalists, this pair of high heel shoes Middleton is constantly in 2012. Interestingly, the shoes still look like new.

The stylist gave the secret image

But do not think that Kate has a superpower – to wear clothes, and don’t RUB off them. Just Middleton have a secret of how to keep your image in perfect condition.

Her secret was given the British fashion stylist Rachel white. It turned out that Kate Middleton just ordered clothes and shoes in several instances. That’s the whole secret.

Recall that Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, recently said that she dreams about the third child. Postpones her dream – to become a mother again – only Meghan Markle.