Kate Middleton considers Meghan Markle suitable for a Royal court

As you know, soon the two heir to the British throne Prince William and Prince Harry will live under the same roof at Kensington Palace. Wife of William Duchess of Cambridge Kate thrilled that Harry will live and his girlfriend Meghan Markle.

“Kate sees what a good influence on Harry, Megan. She believes it’s suitable for Harry, and for the Royal court,” — said the insider. Anticipating, as it will be difficult Markle, Kate goes to meet her and gives advice. The other day she called Megan to tell her a few words.
“The conversation was short, but Megan was touched deeply by the kindness, Kate” — said the insider.
Recall that Markle has warned telebossov, so they removed her character from the TV series “Suits” in connection with moving to another continent. Harry is ready to lead his beloved in the Palace, and it is obvious that the next stage of their relationship is the wedding.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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