Kate Kaufman can find a way out of any situation

Sometimes there are days that you just need to survive… And I truly believe that all the difficulties – just stepping-stones to something beautiful and worthwhile. And, it seems that my theory is confirmed… little by little I was always proud of the fact that we can find a solution to virtually any situation. Sometimes not immediately, but they can… And the more complex the search, the more refined becomes the character. And in the future becomes much easier. It’s like in school, the lessons of algebra – is to solve one or two equations with integrals (for example) that at first seem strange and difficult, as after a few good solutions to understand their nature, and in the future is there is no such issues. After all, life is not always easy, but it is only interesting and fulfilling. If the choice is ours, so there is plenty to choose from and then we are multifaceted people, it remains only to determine their own scale of values and from it be repelled. So, finally my thoughts back with me. At least one is – a definite plus in all events.