Kate Juju and Eugene Krivenko’s just companionship

Viewers will remember that during the affair with Orlova, Krivenko “peeks” at Lisa, Triandafilidis. Now it became known about his relationship with another leading reality show Katia Susan. In the network appeared the pictures, which show the guys in a nightclub, clearly embracing and experiencing each other affection, the website life-dom2.su.

However, Katya herself, as it turned out, not yet ready to answer about the relationship with the former Orlova. According to the girl, Zhenya them binds a close friendship and speak about something more too early.

“Maybe just a man, and it is not necessary for him to fight girls”, “After all, only recently with Winnick met, then Miami, and now here with him…” – he wrote to fans of the youth reality show.