Kate Gordon intervened in the showdown Borodin-Samburski and “sent” the last

The last few days, Nastasya Samburski have to fend off attacks from the fans of Ksenia Borodina that the actress is allegedly guilty that he is having an affair with the husband the TV presenter Kurban Omarov. The reason for these assumptions was a post in a microblog nastasi, where an accident marred the name of Zima (so called Kurban many of his friends and acquaintances). In addition, the actress not only posted pictures, clearly hinting that she spends time with a married man, whose newly born daughter, but also published a scandalous statement, which made unflattering remarks about the leading reality show “Dom-2”.

Nastasia had to fend off accusations that she was a home wrecker, and many stars of domestic show business have noted, that does not surprised at what happened. Mol, Samburski this was to be expected.

Another celebrity who has dipped his nose into other people’s business, became a journalist Katya Gordon.

On Facebook Gordon left an emotional post to read: “There is a notion of “rowdy”. No matter what a man wrote and did, quite a sight to see – Rowdy!. Rowdy can write posts about the fact that she is from poverty and all I earned myself to write about the women and their children condemning on the subject, but from different they gave birth, and I’m saving myself… to Talk about ex-wives, that allegedly someone else’s expense… to Write about the daughters of great poets that they year old women… And to communicate with those not accepted for the squeamish… But when rowdy decided that 5 million observers of its idiocy, is a license to shit about other people, wants to say: child, but you of all people want money from these men and because she is constantly writing about his first “shoes from Vuitton”, and in fact you are plump and hysteria our common know that you are unhappy and do not want to live, but you for three rubles depict a pair of Belarusian artist…screw you… She Samburski. You are very wrong: you are no one to condemn you nor other people’s children, nor other men’s wives,” added Kate Gordon. However, soon your emotional post journalist was removed.


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