Kate Gordon called rapper Oxymoron rap battle 24???

Singer Katya Gordon wrote an appeal to Occimiano the rapper (real name: Miron Fyodorov) to Instagram. The human rights activist called hip-hop artist to a rap battle.

Katya Gordon and Oxxxymiron

Kate Gordon stated that in the speeches of Oxymoron nothing special. She began to criticize Fedorov because he chooses weak opponents for rap battles, against which he seems intelligent. At the end of treatment, she called Oxymoron at rap battle, says “TV”.

Fans of Gordon was delighted with the video of the idol. They agreed that the singer can rap better than many hip-hop artists. However, some users began to criticize Gordon for trying to be promoted on rap battles.

We will remind that on October 16 in Los Angeles held a rap battle between Occimiano and rapper Dizaster.