Kate Gordon called “orphan” son of the deceased Stella Baranovskaya – 24???

Counsel Kate Gordon commented on the situation with the son of actress Stella Baranovskaya, who died from cancer. A friend of the actress said that the situation with the adoption of a child Stella is very difficult, writes Around.TV.

Gordon presented a video in which he told details. The woman says the boy did not need anyone except 80-year-old grandmother and the dying Stella. According to human rights activist, as “successors to dispose of the fate of the abandoned, orphan child, it will be possible in the near future to watch.”

Katya Gordon and Stella Baranovskaya

Kate also said that it intends to inform the representatives of bodies of guardianship about the situation, stating that officials are required to control this issue. Earlier it was reported that TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov, who was a close friend of Stella Baranovskaya, stated willingness to adopt the boy.

We will remind, the actress Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer on 4 September. The woman refused from the last courses of chemotherapy, resorting to unconventional methods of treatment.