Kanye West wants to be a designer of products for Ikea

Kanye West – designer. This statement does not sound so strange how in the first months of its work in this direction.

Previously, the rapper was modeled clothing, accessories, shoes, now he switched to furniture. Seriously, Kanye talked about how to collaborate with the company Ikea.

On Radio One: “I want to work with Ikea to make furniture for design and interiors, to architecture. I know that if I make minimalist apartment design in a College Dorm where the TV is on the wall…yo Ikea, let Kanye do, let him do it,” says the musician.

According to Kanye his creations will appeal to any student, because he understands that in his room wants to see any young man.

A rather big role in this play and the popularity of the artist, so the demand for furniture from the West will be huge.

Ikea has not commented on the possibility of cooperation with the West, although it is in may 2016 and visited the head office of Ikea in Almhult in southern Sweden.


Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: slavpeople.com

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