Kanye West told how the kids changed it

Fatherhood really changed the rapper and producer Kanye West. Husband Kim Kardashian admitted in a recent interview that her daughter North and son of the Saint has influenced not only his Outlook and way of life, but also on the approach to the scene.

“Everything I do now is different from what I made before. I can’t say what was better – who knows what will be better? but my style was deeper and fresher. I want to make the world a cooler for children. for the children,” said Kanye, and we sincerely hope that he didn’t mean the howling new collection of tattered clothing from famous brands for which he created a capsule collection.
“I want to bring art into the crowd, I believe it is my duty.. and I will use my platform as an artist’s Studio to make art worthy of Commerce,” said West.

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