Kanye West told how he met Kim Kardashian

Kanye West told how he met Kim Kardashian

It turns out that cocky Kanye shows his cockiness only in communication with the media and colleagues on stage, but with his wife Kim Kardashian it is quite another.

In a recent interview, the rapper admitted that even before meeting with Kim Kardashian felt attracted to her: “She always inspired me. And when I found out that we will have the chance to meet you in one of my speeches, I did not know what to wear in order to impress her and look cool”.

The musician also admitted that the arrival of children made him incredibly happy.

“Now all I do is for them. My life acquired a different meaning, and I’m very happy,” said the contractor.

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Recall, Kim and Kanye met in 2012-m to year. Later Kanye took a sweetheart offer. Now the couple are raising two kids – daughter North and son of the Saint.


Source and photo: stb.ua