Kanye West is intensive care at home

American rapper Kanye West after two weeks in a specialized clinic finally went home. But this does not mean that he is healthy. Insiders say he continues to undergo intensive therapy, just at home, which, as you know, is also treated.

“Around Kanye and now a lot of staff, nurses, doctors. Kim believes that it will continue until the doctor will not say that it is no longer necessary. With him constantly engaged in their family therapist, it is always at hand if suddenly the news will be bad,” — said the insider.
As you know, the children of rapper the North and St, did not know that his father was in the hospital – they said he was on tour. Now Kim will have to explain to the boys why their home are the people in white coats.
The West still has not made a Declaration regarding their health, and doctors urged him not to do this, but Kanye himself and then trying to do it. He wants to reassure his friends and many fans, stating that he was okay.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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